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Radio Frequency Facelift

This treatment utilizes radio frequency waves to stimulate your body's natural collagen and firm the skin without having to cut the skin surface. With no downtime, you can now conveniently take years off your face and neck by improving skin imperfections, eye bags and sagging skin.

Radio Frequency Facelift Prices

10 Sessions @ $1,988 net

All prices are inclusive of GST

Please call 6565 6556 for appointment booking

Pre-treatment Care Recommendations

- Patients should be of good overall health

- The area to be treated should be free of any redness or infection

- Avoid strong sunlight and apply adequate UV protection for 1 week before the treatment

Post-treatment Care Recommendations

- Avoid strong sunlight and apply adequate UV protection for 1 week after the treatment

- For the next 2-3 days, drink more water (an extra liter or more) to keep yourself hydrated

- For 4-6 hours following the treatment, avoid contact with water on that area

- Avoid strenuous activities for the remainder of the day

- For 15 days, avoid massages or salon activities


- Uses Grid Fractional Radio Frequency technology

- Tightens skin and reduces sagging

- Stimulates collagen formation

- Rejuvenates skin and improves skin texture and skin tone

- No downtime

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