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Genetics vs Lifestyle: Is Mum To Blame for Your Wrinkles?



Is mum to blame for your wrinkles? A new study suggests that the rate of one's aging is heavily influenced by lifestyle and environmental factors.



During the study, Dr. Guyuron and his colleagues observed 186 pairs of identical twins. Results of the study suggested that “a person’s heritage may initially dictate how they age – but if you introduce certain factors into your life, you will certainly age faster. Likewise, if you avoid those factors you can slow down the hands of time.”



The aforementioned factors include:

- Stress

- Anti-Depressants

- Smoking

- Sun Exposure

- Weight Gain and Weight Loss


The effects of smoking on identical twins. Left: Non-Smoker. Right: Smoker.

Source: Article on Dr. Guyuron's study by CNN (



It seems that the saying is true - happy people do actually live longer. The next time life gets tough, remember to look on the bright side. It will do wonders for your mind and skin.



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